Guy Pretends To Be Innocent & Asks Hot Girl To Teach Him Cricket! What Followed Is A Lesson For Him

Guys make a number of attempts to impress hot and beautiful girls or the ones whom they have a crush on. In fact, some of them go to the extent of befooling them by acting too smart or too innocent but while doing so, they forget that girls having ‘beauty with brains’ exist too and their futile tricks are not going to work on them. However, they never give up and keep on trying until they get success or a perfect lesson!

Here we present an amazingly hilarious video by Funk You featuring a guy who avails himself of his cute and innocent looks for making a hot girl fall for him. By employing various tricks, he seeks opportunities to spend time with her, such as asking her to teach him how to dance or how to ride a bike.

Finally when the girl gets to know about his actual plan, she teaches him the lesson of a lifetime when he eventually asks her to teach him how to play cricket! What happened with the guy? Well, to know that, you need to watch the video!

This awesome video is a must watch for all men who think girls are stupid:

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A perfect and much-needed lesson! How did you find the video? Share your views about it in the comments section below.

Source- RVCJ

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