Top 8 Best Netflix Tips and Tricks, Hacks – 2018

Top 8 Best Netflix Tips and Tricks, Hacks – 2018 Netflix has available now in Every Country . Netflix has grown its services worldwide is now available in more than 190 countries such as Canada, Australia , United states, Japan and India Since 2007. Netflix has changed the way we look at TV. The online web streaming service which provides with High Definition Movies and TV shows . According to reports, the number of users increases Netflix 2 times more after they began online streaming services. Now more than 69 million users are using Netflix premium accounts.

Netflix has pretty interface where user can easily search or operate anything On Netflix. Many Serial , Movies or any other we watched on Netflix. The best things of Netflix is that its not costly. Best Netflix Tips and Tricks The First Month is free for every New User. After 1 Month people are addicted to Netflix and they buy the plan according to requirement.

Everyone Now About Netflix Known by best service and attractive interface. But Still there is more tricks where you can use . Most of People don’t know this tricks Specially New user. Once you know these tricks you can make perfect according to your choice. Sometime we watched movies and buffering problem and to avoid that type of problems we are Explaining about tips and tricks.

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Top 8 Best Netflix Tips and Tricks, Hacks

Try Each tricks to make Netflix more Attractive

Tricks 1: Get the Latest Update on what’s New !

If you are worry about how to know what is new in Netflix then you can find easily. Open this Site there everything is updated which new movies or serial is coming in Netflix or which has come already. This is the best website to stay updated about Netflix. You can select any country according to your requirement.


Sometimes You watched other country serial or movies anything but you don’t know the language but there is way you can set Subtitle where you can easily understand what they are saying. Go To Account > Subtitle Appearance, you can change the font, color and size of the explainer text.

Tricks 3: Pause Video Automatically When you Forget To Stop

when you are watching movies on Netflix at night time , then suddenly you got sleep but you forget to stop videos in your mobile. Its seems to be impossible but Netflix has feature where may be track little how you are on Netflix or not?

Tricks 4: Delete Your History

you watched everyday many things on Netflix . Sometimes you think i want ti delete history then it is possible to delete history. Go To “Viewing activity” in the “My Profile” section. Where you can find delete history Option.

Tricks 5: Keyboard Shortcuts

There is some keywords you should know about it

Enter – Toggle Play/Pause

Space – Toggle Play/Pause

PgUp – Play

F – Full-screen

Esc – Exit full-screen

Shift+Left arrow – Rewind

M – Mute toggle

Shift+Right arrow – Fast Forward

Up arrow – Volume Up

Down arrow – Volume Down

Tricks 6: Less Data Usage:

If worry about your data usage you can set in Netflix . you can set how much data Netflix uses. The lowest option uses up to 0.3 GB per hour, and the highest uses up to 3 GB per hour for HD and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD. If you select less data Usage then you have to face video quality .

Tricks 7: Watch It Later

If You using Netflix but you are worried about buffering then you can do watch it later. by doing this it pre loads the all content after pre loading you can watch without any trouble. sometime you internet connection is weak. then you can simply watch it later.

Tricks 8: Find the Best Movies / TV Shows on Netflix

If you are new in Netflix but you don’t know about what us the best to watch. Go to this link where you can what is the trending things going on. Here you can be up to date what’s going on around World.

Note:  This is all about  Best Netflix Tips and Tricks, Hacks if you have any other tricks you have any other tricks you can share with us and we will update immediately.

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